Raikouji Temple(Moriguchi City)

It is said that when lost spirits visit Raikouji Temple, they achieve clarity to make their way to the afterlife.
This temple has drawn worshippers since 14th century.


Founded in 1347 as the primary temple of the Sata sect by JIsson, a disciple of Homyo of the Yuzu Nenbutu sect of Buddhism.

The primary object of worship enshrined here is a Tnpitu Nyorai painting of the three Buddhist deities Amida,Kannon,Seishi.

Due to a unique succession system, the temple moved a total of 26 times with the changing of its head priest over 300 years of its history.

However, it has remained as its current location since moving there in 1678.

The temple holds mandalas and paintings that are nationally-registered Important Cultural Properties,as well as 13-story stone pagoda that is an Osaka Prefecture-designated Tangible Cultural Property.

The temple also has mats that a woman’s ghost walked upon when sighted in 1743, which are displayed during rituals.

It was a personal temple of the 97th Emperor and retains the throne from that period to this day.